Update (3/16/2015)

March 16, 2015    Update Coding Programming

As I have mentioned before, to am going through material at a breakneck pace. Even blogging weekly, there is so much that I will learn through a week that each post would have to be pages long to capture all that I have gone through.

So first the update….I worked on C# through Chrstmas, however I quickly realized that there were parts of the .Net framework that still required knowing JavaScript. I joined two different meetup groups after listening to a CodeNewbie podcast that talked about them in different areas and how they were a good way to learn with others. I joined the .Net and JavaScript meetups here in Riverside. After going to these, it became even more apparent that JavaScript really is everywhere and that even with its flaws, it is wise to know because of its widespread adoption. Additionally, I also found that there would be some changes to my recruiter connection’s role with his company, seeming to indicate that the fastest way to a junior developer position would be to learn frontend web development, then come back to the .Net world a little later.

Since January, I have been working through Code School’s program on JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Angular; I have enjoyed it greatly. I have also been listening to several coding specific podcasts like, Coding Blocks, JavaScript Jabber, Adventures in Angular, and Code Newbie Podcast. I have several projects or “problems to solve” that I have started and will be looking into in the next few months.

That said, I plan on not going over each individual thing that I am learning, but rather talking about the specific things that I am learning within the projects that I am working on. I think that this will provide a better way to talk about what I am learning and it will be easier to keep up with on a week to week basis. The project that I will be workin on first will be a way to keep track of the order of picks in our Fantasy Baseball draft. I will be talking about that some in the upcoming weeks.