Been a Long Time

June 23, 2017    Swift Programming iOS Apple

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Sometimes you just get busy learning and stop writing! It has been forever since the last post. I know I much prefer to record learning using some other mediums most often (like podcasts and videos), but I really shouldn’t have gone this long without an update. But I digress.

What have I been up to?

In last fall, I started dabbling with swift and iOS programming and fully fell in love with it. I have heard other have a ‘wow’ moment when coding and seening changes they make update a website or make a machine move. This is how I felt with iOS seeing an app I made run on a device literally made me giddy. Weird? Yes. But I didn’t care.

There were some other things specifically with the language I liked too. Swift feels like a combination of readability of Ruby and the functional-ness of Javascript. This colliding of worlds, along with the feelings above, have kept me at it and loving it!

As with all I do, I have gone into it hot and heavy. I have even been involved with many of the iOS meetups in the area and given several talks on it. Most of what I write about in the near future will be swift and iOS related, along with any other content I put out (more on that in another post).

These update posts are always weird…who cares? HA! But I like to keep these in as some sort of online journal to explain why there is a gap and what my focus is moving forward.

Just keep coding!