Remove Smart Quotes From Evernote on Mac

October 23, 2015    Blogging Coding Evernote Tools Programming

If you are blogging about code or keeping any sort of notes about the code that you write, Evernote is a great way to manage your posts.

Even though I use markdown to make my posts, I like Evernote because I can write on my phone if I find myself with a couple of minutes of down time and the changes reflect to my computer.

However, there is a problem I have found with using Evernote to display code. While I can write the code that I want in Evernote and it formats reasonably well, anytime that quotes are used they were getting replaced by “Smart Quotes.”

When I had html in my markdown for the code plugin that I use, the smart quotes messed up the code. Additionally, if I was copying code to my terminal or editor, the Smart Quotes were copied, causing errors.

You can change this by going opening System Preferences.

Then choose “Keyboard”:

System Preferences, Keyboard Area

Choose “Text”:

Keyboard Area, Text Area

Then uncheck the box “Use Smart Quotes and Dashes”:

Text Area, Remove Smart Quotes and Dashes

This will turn off smart quotes for the whole system, so if you do need them for some reason, it may not be a good option. However, I cannot think of a reason I have ever needed them myself.