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April 4, 2016    Node Javascript Podcast

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Why another podcast?

I have mentioned that when I begin learning a new language I look for a podcast to listen on the topic. When I looked for the podcasts on Node, I found there were not many. It seemed this was a great opportunity for a new podcast.

Not only would it add another voice in the space, but it would also be valuable to have a consistent commitment to learning and advancing my knowledge.

I wanted it to be a conversation between myself and another developer, so I asked my friend Jason Small, who is also learning and working with Node, to do it with me. Thankfully, he was willing and so we began putting the pieces in place.

Out now!

We just released the first episode and would love for you to check it out! It can be found by searching for ‘Mostly Node’ in most podcast apps or you can check it out on the website here.