Methodically Movin' Along

February 24, 2015    C# .Net Coding Programming

I love the way that many teaching systems approach this subject. “Say you wanted to do the same thing a whole bunch of times. Are you going to write out the code for it every single time that you want it to run? That seems to be a waste of time.”

I enjoyed learning about methods. I also was interested to find out by watching Coding 101, that Methods in C# are the same as Functions in many other languages. It is nice to know when there are terms that are different, but when the concept carries over to other languages.

It took me a little to think about how I can break up the code that I was writing and the ways to best implement breaking up my code. I like the ability to create code that I can write once and call it multiple times

Additionally, I have also learned about classes. Classes in C# are a really cool way to force privacy of certain elements of the class and to further break up and organize your code.

There have been a couple other things that I have been learning about, that I understand, however I am still trying to understand the ways that they can be used in my programs.

I also have been learning about Arrays. These have been much harder to wrap my head around. I am trying to dive into them more. I see their usage, but I am still trying to grasp how they are implemented in the wild (in actual programs). It was a bit till I was able to understand that they are essentially containers for whatever you may want.