Beginning C#

December 2, 2014    C# .Net Coding Programming

I have started learning C#. I should give a little preface:

I utilize a mac. I grew up working soley on windows machines, however when I became a musician, I realized that there were many tools that I needed that, at the time, were only on a mac.

As such, at this time I still do only have a mac. I was concerned about how I would be preparing for a platform that I currently cannot work in natively. However, I found that I would not need the Visual Studio IDE, but rather could get by using Mono’s Xamarin Studio.

I am loving C# after just a couple lessons in. I bought a video class from on sale for $10. What a deal! It is “Programming for Complete Beginners in C#” by Eric Wise. I highly recommend it as he is easy to understand, breaks things up into manageable pieces, and is able to explain complex problems and best practices.

So far, I have loved C#. I know each language has its limitations, but it has seemed to make so much sense to me. I feel like everything happens as it logically should.

We shall see how it goes as I move forward. I have only done a few “Console.WriteLine” commands and a few other things. I have also learned about variables and how to call the variables. Much of the syntax makes sense from what I had started in Java too. I like being able to port what I have learned from one thing to another.

While taking the udemy class, I am also watching the Coding 101 podcast from the network. Their first module was on C# and it was a language that they return to as well in a later module also. So I am using it to get further explanation and additional exercises from.

They say that it takes 10,000 hours to master something. So here is to the first 5….you gotta start somewhere I guess!