3 Months in Review - 2016 -1st Quarter

March 28, 2016    Learning Programming Review 2016

Tools on Workbench

I have talked about my habit of reviewing and recapping every 3 months or so. As I have been blogging about it, I decided to do my recap as a blog post. An added benefit is that blogging about it should provide some additional organization and coherancy as writing tends to do.

Recapping the 1st Quarter

Learning Node

I have really enjoyed getting to know Node and building apps with it. The community around it has been great and the package management with npm also provides a lot with the libraries built with the language.

Javascript Deep Dive

I begun focusing on vanilla javascript. I wanted to make sure I have a clearer understanding of how javascript is working under the hood. This also included getting up-to-date with the new features added by Ecmascript 2015 spec which I did with the presentation last month.


I have started learning React and the components of the framework and did a simple blog with React and Flux.

Personal Goals

I heard Una Kravets talk about having her learning goals on Github and it made a lot of sense to me. I have opensourced my personal goals. Primarily for accessibility for multiple devices, transparency, and some accountiblity.

Looking Ahead

Mostly Node Podcast

A converstational style podcast between myself and another developer learning Node. Expected release for first episode is early April.

Using Sublime

After seeing some of the inline linting available in Sublime, I decided to try using it for a time instead of Emacs. I will re-evaluate it in the next recap.

Continued Learning of Node

I am going to start building a chat app using Node and Socket.io. I plan on continuing to work with Node for the next 3 months.

Continued Learning of React

I plan on using it for more front end work in the future.